Malaise is general feeling of discomfort, illness, or lack of well-being. It’s a symptom that can occur with almost any health condition. It may start slowly or quickly, depending on the type of disease.

Fatigue (feeling tired) occurs with malaise in many diseases. You can have a feeling of not having enough energy to do your usual activities. Malaise and fatigue often go hand-in-hand and indicate a person is ill or about to become ill.

Oftentimes, this condition can be linked to inconsistent lifestyle factors and bad health habits. These can include an unhealthy diet, caffeine use, not getting enough sleep, inactivity, and alcohol abuse. Certain medicines also can cause feelings of over-tiredness and a general ill feeling.

Things to Remember

Malaise and fatigue are common symptoms that can be treated once the cause is known. Because they can indicate a more serious problem, however anyone experiencing this condition that can’t be easily explained should see a doctor.

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