Dermal Fillers San Antonio, TX

Dermal Fillers

Aging, sun damage, and hormonal changes can all contribute to a loss of collagen and elastin, the skin’s support system. Over time, this leads to droopy cheeks, under-eye hollows, and lines around the nose, mouth, and chin. Magnolia Medical & Aesthetics offers a wide range of dermal fillers for plumping these areas and smoothing out lines that have formed. If you desire an aesthetic enhancement, fillers may be used to add supplementary fullness to the lips, cheeks, and more! Or, dermal fillers are also an excellent option if you simply seek to restore your own natural volume loss to hollow facial contours. In either scenario, trust the team at Magnolia Medical & Aesthetics to recommend the right solution for beautiful, natural looking results without surgery. You’ll look like yourself – just the best version!

Why It's Special

  • Dermal filler injection results are almost immediate with minimal downtime.
  • Fillers can be paired with other treatments like Botox.
  • Made with ingredients that naturally exist within our bodies, like hyaluronic acid.
  • Fillers boost confidence!
  • Up to 1 hour
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • 6-12 mos results duration
  • 450+ per mL

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About Dermal Fillers San Antonio, TX

As we age, the natural volume of our skin begins to diminish allowing folds and wrinkles to settle in. Dermal fillers are an incredibly popular way to improve the appearance of these lines and restore lost volume to the cheeks, tear troughs, and lines around the mouth. The results may be temporary and, depending on the filler used, may need to be repeated every 6 months to 2 years. At Magnolia Medical & Aesthetics, your consultation will center on your aesthetic concerns and goals. With a clear understanding of what’s motivating you, our expert injectors will then recommend the filler, or combination of fillers, that will give you the improvements you want. You’ll never have to worry about looking over-done; instead, you’ll have youthful looking skin with a refreshed look.