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Nail Fungus Removal

Discoloration, detachment, debris, or change in texture are all indications of a nail fungus. If you suffer from unsightly nails or toenails, Magnolia Medical & Aesthetics is equipped with a revolutionary laser treatment to eliminate fungus so you never have to hide your nails again! 

Why It's Special

  • Removes the nail fungus and prevents fungi from spreading to surrounding areas.
  • Our treatment doesn’t affect your liver.
  • The procedure is painless and causes no damage to surrounding tissue.
  • Fungal infection improves with one treatment.
  • 30 min procedure time
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Lifetime results duration
  • 500+

What To Expect

  1. Before your treatment, we’ll have you clip your nails and remove any nail polish.
  2. Each nail will be cleaned with alcohol wipes to ensure no dirt or debris remain.
  3. During your treatment, you’ll feel a warming sensation from the laser. The laser is destroying the genetic material responsible for fungal growth and survival.
  4. Treatment generally lasts about 30 minutes and is painless.
  5. After treatment, you’re able to resume normal activities with zero downtime.
  6. Six or more sessions are recommended.
Nail Fungus Removal San Antonio, TXNail Fungus Removal San Antonio, TX

About Nail Fungus Removal San Antonio, TX

Nail fungus (onychomycosis), is a common infection of toenails and fingernails. Fungal infections begin with discoloration and often appear as a yellowish-brown hue, or white spots, underneath the nail tip. Over time, the nail may thicken or crumble at the edge as the fungal infection penetrates deeper. Unfortunately, these infections can easily spread to other nails or surrounding areas. While nail fungus also afflicts fingernails, it’s more common in toenails. Regardless of which fungus you have – we can help. Our highly trained technicians use a laser to shine a gentle light beam on the nail and surrounding skin. This laser shines through the nail, working to eliminate the fungus in the nail bed and nail plate where the fungus is living. Once we’re done, you’ll want to show off those beautiful feet in open-toe shoes!

Nail Fungus Removal Before & After Photos

Nail fungus before and after photos demonstrating the effectiveness of laser nail fungus removal.