Kenalog Injections For Acne Scars San Antonio, TX

Kenalog Injections

Cystic acne and acne scarring can cause discomfort or affect your self-confidence. After all, skin has a powerful impact on our mental well-being. If you are plagued with cystic acne or keloid scars, our Kenalog injections at Magnolia Medical & Aesthetics are right for you. Kenalog injections work by delivering a potent, anti-inflammatory medication used to target acne cysts and acne lesions safely without damaging the skin.

Why It's Special

  • A safe and effective way to treat inflamed acne for many patients.
  • Kenalog injections work swiftly to decrease the large bump just below the skins surface.
  • The treatment takes less than 20 minutes with zero downtime.
  • 10-20 min procedure time
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • 4-8 weeks results duration
  • 25 per unit

What To Expect

  1. A topical numbing cream may be used to ensure optimal comfort.
  2. Using an ultra fine needle, we inject low doses of Kenalog into the skin of the treatment area.
  3. You will notice the cyst or nodule begin to shrink over next 4-8 hours.
  4. Patients can receive these injections every 4-8 weeks, if needed.
Kenalog Injections San Antonio, TX | Magnolia Medical & AestheticsKenalog Injections San Antonio, TX | Magnolia Medical & Aesthetics

About Kenalog Injections San Antonio, TX

Kenalog injections contain the active ingredient Triamcinolone, an anti-inflammatory medication. When Kenalog is injected into acne scars, it flattens the lesion, reducing inflammation and redness, allowing the skin to heal. In some cases, darker scars may even become lighter. These injections are generally used to help deep, cystic acne lesions resolve quickly with minimal scarring. While you are beautiful as you are, clear skin boosts confidence and helps us become more social. Schedule a consult today and our experts will help you achieve the transformative results you deserve.

Kenalog Injections Before & After Photos

Kenalog injections demonstrating effectiveness in diminishing cystic acne and keloid scars.