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Acne/Acne Scar Treatment

Acne is frustrating and achieving clear skin can be exhausting. Navigating through this experience with patience, self-care, and professional guidance is instrumental in managing and understanding this oh-so-common skin condition. Products often over promise but under deliver because they lack a personalized approach. At Magnolia Medical & Aesthetics, we offer a myriad of skin treatments to combat active acne and acne scars on the face or areas of the body. Our team will conduct a thorough consultation to create a comprehensive treatment program tailored to your unique skin care needs and put an end to your skin troubles.

Why It's Special

  • Usher in a clear complexion and smoother skin.
  • Destroys acne causing bacteria to reduce inflammation and control current breakouts.
  • Helps generate new collagen production helping to diminish acne scars.
  • 30-60 min procedure time
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Lifetime results duration
  • 150+

What To Expect

Many patients suffer from acne on the face, back, chest, and other areas. Our acne treatments are ideal for body acne as well as facial acne. The below options may be used based on location and type of acne.
Chemical Peels: Removes damaged or affected skin layers to reveal the healthy, clear skin beneath.
Microdermabrasion: A gentler treatment ideal for mild cases while boosting skin’s overall appearance.
Deep Pore Facial: Pores are opened with steam, whiteheads and blackheads are extracted, a cleansing treatment follows and finally, a mask is applied to improve skins surface.
Laser Resurfacing: Safe and effective, lasers are used to treat acne and improve skin texture.
Microneedling: Also known as collagen induction therapy, microneedling is a cosmetic procedure that involves repeatedly puncturing the skin with tiny, sterile needles to improve acne scars.
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Treatment Areas

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About Acne/Acne Scar Treatment San Antonio, TX

Acne treatment therapy aims to restore skins balance reducing how often breakouts occur and the severity of the problem. Acne forms when excess oil, or sebum, is produced by the sebaceous glands causing pores to become blocked. As sebum becomes trapped, bacteria on the skin invades the pores leading to inflammation and infection – triggering even more severe breakouts! We understand skin irritants, genetics, and a variety of other factors contribute to acne so our treatments are designed to address the underlying problems. As a result, overall skin texture and resilience is improved. At Magnolia Medical & Aesthetics, we combine medical-grade products with a personalized skin care journey so you feel confident about how you look and even more confident about your ability to maintain healthy skin.

Acne Before & After Photos

Acne before and after photos demonstrating various methods of acne and acne scar treatments.