Blu-U Light Therapy San Antonio, TX

Blu-U Light Therapy

We use Blu-U Light Therapy in our San Antonio aesthetic med spa to treat patients with acne. It’s also effective for scarring due to acne and precancerous sun spots.
Blue Light or Blu-U is a state-of-the-art system in photofacial therapy.

Why It's Special

  • Combined with Levulan, Blu-U Light Therapy removes precancerous skin lesions.
  • Improves skin texture.
  • Effective in treating enlarged oil glands.
  • 2+ hrs procedure time
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Lifetime results duration
  • 300+

What To Expect

  1. We will apply the photosensitizing agent to your skin for better absorption of light wavelength during treatment.
  2. Next, the incubation treatment period begins allowing the photosensitizing medication absorbed into the skin.
  3. Once the medication has been absorbed, blue light is applied.
  4. After your Blu-U Light Therapy San Antonio treatment, skin is sensitive, maybe redness and swelling. Effects will subside within a week.
Blu-U Light Therapy San Antonio TX Before AfterBlu-U Light Therapy San Antonio TX Before After

About Blu-U Light Therapy San Antonio, TX

You no longer have to suffer in silence with precancerous sun spots, acne or acne scars. Our Blu-U Light Therapy is effective and non-invasive. We use it to treat acne, sun damaged skin as well as actinic keratoses.

The best news is that this treatment works with all skin types. And acts by eliminating overactive oil glands, premalignant skin cells and acne-causing bacteria.

Ready for improved texture and tone, reduced oil flow and pore size, plus clearer skin? Great! Schedule your consultation with one of our medical providers today.

Blue-U Light San Antonio Before & After Photos

Blu-U Light Therapy before and after photos reveal its effectiveness in treating acne and actinic keratoses.