Skin Of Color Treatments San Antonio, TX

Skin of Color Treatments

When it comes to skin tone, not all treatments are created equal. Those with darker skin tones must carefully vet their treatment options to avoid negative outcomes like permanent pigmentation changes. At Magnolia Medical & Aesthetics, we take pride in our diverse range of techniques that cater to the needs of all skin types. Our team is trained to ensure every patient receives the personalized and inclusive care they deserve because we understand the the way skin of color responds to certain treatments. Call us today, our team wants to help empower you in choosing safe, effective aesthetic treatments to achieve beautiful and healthy skin!

Why It's Special

  • Richly pigmented skin is sensitive to many common dermatological treatments.
  • Treatments performed one way on lighter skin may not yield the same results on skin of color.
  • Some conditions are unique and more prevalent in darker complexions.
  • Variable procedure time
  • Skin of Color
  • Lifetime results duration
  • Varies

Here's our plan:

  1. We will create a custom treatment plan for your specific skin concern.
  2. Based on the prescribed plan, we have several options for skin of color treatments.
  3. During your consultation, we’ll thoroughly discuss the treatment plan and how it will be implemented.
Skin of Color Treatments San Antonio, TexasSkin of Color Treatments San Antonio, Texas

Treatment Options






About Skin of Color Treatments San Antonio, Texas

Everyone’s skin is different; therefore, skin treatments vary from person to person. At Magnolia Medical & Aesthetics, we understand richly pigmented skin is sensitive to many common dermatological treatments. For this reason, we create a customized skin care plan for each patient uniquely formulated for skin of color. With our team, you can feel confident you have the right skin of color expert when you visit our practice. In fact, our treatments are designed to erase acne and acne scars as well as a host of other skin concerns. In short, our goal is to amp up your unique glow! If you have darker skin, our treatments will give you glowing results.

Skin of Color Treatments Before & After Photos

Photos of various types of treatments performed on skin of color with different skin care concerns.