Full Body Skin Exam San Antonio, TX

Full Body Skin Exam

In our San Antonio, TX office, we prioritize your skin health by conducting thorough full body skin exams. These exams are essential in preventing and addressing skin concerns, including melanoma. By being proactive and thorough, we aim to ensure your well-being and provide the necessary care to keep your skin in its healthiest state.
This exam is useful in assessing any abnormalities or changes in the epidermis. We gladly accept various insurance plans to make our services accessible and convenient for you.

Why It's Special

  • Almost all skin cancers are curable if caught early.
  • Unchecked skin cancer can grow into more severe and dangerous types of cancer.
  • Developing skin cancer often goes unnoticed because there are no obvious symptoms.
  • 30 mins procedure time
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • 1 year results duration
  • 100+

What To Expect

  1. Before exam begins, you’ll remove your clothes and put on a medical gown.
  2. During your exam, your medical provider will check over each portion of your skin, making notes of moles, growths, or birthmarks.
  3. If there’s a growth that appears abnormal, she may recommend removal of the lesion.
  4. This exam is recommended annually.
Full Body Skin Exam

Complete a self-examination of your skin every month, so you can find any unusual growths.

Skin Exam For Cancer

Best time to do a self-exam is after a shower when you are fully unclothed and clean skin.

Annual Self-Exam

Check your entire body, including in between your fingers, toes, and around your hairline.

Full Body Skin Exam San Antonio TX

Make note of abnormalities and discuss with your medical provider during your next visit.

About Full Body Skin Exam San Antonio, TX

A full body skin exam is done by one of our experienced providers. Your provider will examine your full body for any irregular conditions including irregular moles and warts, dry patches, skin tags, and rashes.

We are also equipped with cutting edge technology that can quickly and accurately determine what an irregularity is. During your exam we will check the difficult to reach areas of your body that cannot be self-monitored such as behind your ears and your scalp.

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