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8 Things About Laser Hair Removal You Should Know

8 Things About Laser Hair Removal You Should Know

Summer is here and you’ve already purchased the cutest bikini ever. However, there are things about laser hair removal that you don’t know and need answers before taking the plunge. Well, we’ve got you covered with 8 of the most frequently asked questions or considerations regarding laser hair removal.

1. How Long Will The Procedure Take?

Honestly, it takes just a little time, in general, each session is about 20 minutes. If you’re looking for longevity, results won’t happen overnight. In fact, you will need about 2 or 3 weeks before seeing the difference, and full results are reached around 8 treatments. While maintenance sessions may be required, generally a full course is about 8 treatments.

This treatment is done over a number of sessions because the follicles are all at different stages of growth. Also, if you’re getting the procedure done down there, it’s a very sensitive area so we are especially careful not to do many sessions close together.

2. Is It Painful?

For laser hair removal, the laser beams the light through the pigment of the hair. The heating effect from the light damages the hair follicles and the hair bulbs. In a short burst, the heating effect can be felt, but you won’t even flinch unless you’re expecting it.

In fact, it’s nothing like being poked with a needle. And compared to waxing, this is a piece of cake. If you generally choose waxing as your method of tackling the bristles, then you’ll be putting us on your Christmas list for this 🥰.

3. What Skin and Hair Type Does It Work On?

As far as things about laser hair removal you should know, this is an important one. If you’ve been told that laser hair removal only works on certain skin types, you were told wrong. While a patch test is required, it actually works on all skin types.

However, it does not work on all hair types, or rather, hair color. The laser’s light has to be used on hair that’s dark enough for the laser to effect it. Therefore, very blonde or gray hair would not see the benefits of laser hair removal.

4. What Do I Do Before I Start My Treatment?

This may sound strange for things about laser hair removal you should know, but here it is. You actually need to shave or trim it back before you start treatment. The reason is that laser hair removal doesn’t remove the hair, it stops it from growing back. This allows the laser to get to the root cause – literally. Another reason for shaving is that it prevents the hair burning. Obviously, no one likes to smell burnt hair.

5. Sun Things About Laser Hair Removal

When we say sun things, we’re also referring to sun beds, as in tanning beds. Magnolia Medical & Aesthetics prides itself on skincare knowledge, which is highly beneficial when it comes to this.

Because of how laser hair removal works, you cannot immediately get into a tanning bed after this treatment. In short, you cannot even have this treatment done while you have a tan. Unless your tan is from a bottle, then your skin has already had enough.

6. Here’s A Plus, Plus

You may be happy to learn that laser hair removal also helps with certain skin conditions and ingrown hairs. In addition to benefiting from significant less hair, but you will also enjoy clearer and smoother skin.

7. Skincare After You’re Bare

After treatment, you may need to tweak your skincare treatments and regimes. For example, retinol creams, glycolic acid, and scrubs should be avoided for a few days. In addition, chemical peels and even fake tans are not recommended for at least 1 to 2 weeks after treatments. Your provider will discuss this and the entire do’s and don’ts list with you. So, please don’t stress, just embrace the thought of being hairless.

8. Avoid Dying, Waxing and Plucking

Dying, waxing and plucking (including bleaching) obstruct the process and effect the overall results. To ensure smooth skin throughout the process, it’s best to just stick to shaving. Yes, we get that laser hair removal is about not shaving. However, during the treatment sessions, shaving is a better alternative, as compared to waxing or plucking.

Staying true to the plan your provider gives you will have huge benefits. Besides, it’ll be just a short wait and well worth it.


An aesthetic consultation will allow you to find out more about laser hair removal, including a patch test for suitability. Stay current with our latest news and treatments by following us on Instagram.