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How To Get Rid Of The Dreaded Double Chin

How To Get Rid Of The Dreaded Double Chin

Chubby body parts may look cute on babies, but if you are an adult, you don’t want any extra layers of skin. Particularly if they shouldn’t be on your body.

Medically known as submental fat, a double chin occurs because of fat accumulating under the chin. Like the skin on your face, the skin on your neck is susceptible to signs of aging. But weight gain and genetics can also attribute to a double chin. It affects the underlying muscles and elasticity of the skin on your neck, which is why it ends up looking loose.

Common Factors That Influence Aging In The Neck

First, let’s talk about what causes a double chin – the most common factors that will influence aging in your neck area are:

  • Muscle Tightness. As time passes, the muscles that support your neck and the skin over it weakens. As they weaken, they are unable to support the skin over your neck, which causes it to loosen and appear saggy.
  • Bone Position. The skin under your neck can also be affected by the position of various bones in your neck.
  • Fat Distribution. Any excess fat around or in the neck area will result in the skin stretching and folding over. A healthy diet, slowly loosing weight, and consistent exercise can help to decrease the fat deposits near your neck and tighten the skin.
  • Skin Elasticity. The production of collagen is the first component that suffers during aging. Collagen is a protein found in skin that provides support and structure for the tissue on top of it. So, as collagen production slows down, your skin will lose the youthful appearance it once had.

How To Get Rid Of A Double Chin

Kybella is an effective treatment for reducing the appearance of submental fat. It is used for patients who want to achieve a slimmer chin profile without having to undergo an invasive surgery. Once injected, Kybella attacks fat cells’ membranes, liquifying them so the body can absorb them.

Albeit some people can reduce their double chin through a healthier diet and exercise, others are affected by genetics. In this case, Kybella may be the ideal treatment for you to reduce the excess fat under your chin.

It’s also a popular alternative to surgical methods such as liposuction and fat excision. While these traditional methods have been around for decades, Kybella has fewer side effects with reasonably quick visual results. Not to mention, it’s less time-consuming than surgery.

What To Do Next

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