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What Is Restylane Best Used For?

What Is Restylane Best Used For?

As you age, your face will begin to show the signs of aging, and you may feel less like your younger self. Not to worry though, because there are treatments to restore your youthful glow and we can help with that. At Magnolia Medical & Aesthetics in San Antonio, TX, we believe in aging gracefully. For this reason, we offer a range of dermal fillers that can be artistically injected for the most natural and beautiful results.

However, this article is about a specific dermal filler; Restylane. It uses a smooth gel made of hyaluronic acid to lift, smooth, and define different areas of the face. So, there is a way to look and feel younger again, and we are here to help you get there.

What Is Restylane Best Used For?

Restylane is a collection of dermal fillers that is best used for targeting and treating different parts of the face. The different formulations can correct and enhance facial features as well as reduce the signs of aging. Different filler formulations from this collection can smooth lines on the back of the hands, augment lips, correct nasolabial folds, contour the cheeks, and more.

The 6 fillers we offer from this collection are:

1. Contour

What Restylane Contour is best used for is reclaiming cheek definition and providing natural looking results. This hyaluronic acid dermal filler helps restore the mid-face fullness you had in your youth with minimal downtime.

2. Refyne

A filler that flexes the skin to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, Restylane Refyne works when you’re at rest and when showing facial expressions. Not only that, but this filler moves with you to allow you to fully express yourself. It is the most effective for smoothing deeper lip lines, smile lines, and lines from corners of the mouth onto the chin.

3. Kysse

What Restylane Kysse is best used for is creating pillowy, softer lips. In fact, it is the only filler in the Restylane collection that is solely designed to be used in the lips. It enhances lip volume and adds definition to lip contours.

4. Lyft

One of the primary ways aging affects the face is volume loss. The natural aging process causes volume loss in the mid facial region, which can make you look tired and older. Restylane Lyft can lift and contour the cheeks as well as address smile lines. Smile lines caused by drooping or sagging cheeks can be smoothed out and restore vibrancy to your face by lifting the cheeks. This filler can also restore volume loss on the back of the hands.

5. Defyne

What Restylane Defyne is best used for is restoring volume loss around the lower cheeks. Such volume loss can cause laugh lines and marionette lines. Consequently, this filler is FDA approved to restore volume to diminish these heavy lines, allowing you to show expression while enjoying the benefits of the filler.

6. Restylane-L

Restylane-L contains 0.3% lidocaine; hence the “L”. The lidocaine in this filler was added to reduce the discomfort associated with the treatment. What Restylane-L is best used for is its highly effectiveness in treating the appearance of under eye hollows and tear troughs. This filler will provide hydration and plumpness under your eyes.

Our Dermal Fillers

At Magnolia Medical & Aesthetics, we offer several different fillers from different brands. If you’re looking for a way to smooth facial lines and folds, lift your cheeks, and enhance your lips, we can help. Our medical providers will design a treatment plan for you that includes treatment with one or more fillers based on your needs.

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