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Tips For Choosing The Right Aesthetic Injector

Tips For Choosing The Right Aesthetic Injector

When deciding to get a cosmetic injection treatment it’s crucial that you FIRST choose the right aesthetic injector. Whether you are getting a face slimming treatment or anti-aging procedure, choosing the right injector can significantly impact the overall results you receive from treatment.

Since everyone wanting to look their very best, both savvy and injectable newbies are being bombarded with injectors to choose from. Add to that the hype on social media and recommendations from friends and family – how does one choose? As such, knowing which aesthetic injector to choose can be a daunting process.

Choosing The Right Aesthetic Injector

With a rise in cosmetic centers offering aesthetic injectable treatments, we want to ensure that you know exactly what to look for in an aesthetic injector. So, here are 7 essential tips to look for to ensure you choose the right practitioner.

1. Medical Certification

Make sure that your injector has a relevant medical qualification such as a Certified Cosmetic Injector certification. When done properly, cosmetic injections are very safe. But if something were to go wrong, a certified cosmetic injector have the appropriate training and access to prescription drugs to deal with any eventuality. For these reasons, Magnolia Medical & Aesthetics injectors are classified as Master Injectors.

2. Get a Consultation

Before you are scheduled for any treatment, make sure you are offered a consultation to ensure the treatment is right for you. Having a face to face consultation is a very important part of treatment. During your consult, your medical provider will discuss your medical history as well as your motivations behind wanting the treatment. Getting this assessment is necessary before we proceed.

3. What Products are Being Used?

Don’t be hesitant about asking your injector what products they are using and ask them to explain why they use these certain products. Although you can search online to see if a product is FDA approved, it’s helpful to know the specific “form” of the product/drug. For anti-wrinkle injections, we use Botox by Allergan and for dermal fillers we use Juvederm and Restylane collection of products. Both products are FDA-approved.

4. Look At The Treatment Price

As it is said, “you get what you pay for”, and this is ever true when it comes to choosing the right aesthetic injector and the products being used. If the price of your injection is extremely cheap, then it may not be legitimate and could lead to complications and undesired results. Also, follow up aftercare instructions many not be included. Or if they are offered, it may be at an additional price.

5. Before and After Photos of Previous Patients

Look at the medical provider’s before and after photos of their previous work. Your injector should provide you with such photos and you can also look on their website in addition to social media. Keep in mind though that sometimes it may be difficult to get patients’ consent to share their photos on social media. Another thing to look for is filtered or overly edited photos. For example, the use of lip gloss to overstate the results of lips post filler treatment. Also dramatic changes in movement for the before and after photos. For instance, dynamic expression when compared to the photo at rest. These types of photos are not an authentic comparison of treatment results.

6. Read Online Reviews

When choosing the right aesthetic injector read their reviews from previous patients on Google and other reputable platforms. If the reviews look concerning, this may be a sign you should avoid this clinic.

7. Do They Have Insurance?

If your injector has insurance, this is an indication that they have the relevant qualifications to gain it. Therefore, this ensures they are legitimately trained.

As a San Antonio med spa, Magnolia Medical & Aesthetics is dedicated to providing experienced medical providers who use authentic products. We also care about providing our patients with information that empowers them to make informed decisions about their treatment options.

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