Skin Of Color

At Magnolia Medical & Aesthetics San Antonio, we take a case-based approach to ensure safe and effective treatment for skin of color through a variety of skill techniques. We offer top quality acne treatments and cosmetic services for patients of all ethnicities and skin types.

We understand that more richly pigmented individuals face unique skin care challenges. Additionally, we understand that each patient has unique needs and skin concerns. Our experienced providers will work with you to find safe, effective ways to achieve and maintain beautiful, healthy, clear skin.

Understanding Darker Skin

Richly pigmented skin is sensitive to many common dermatological treatments. A skin care specialist may use a specific technique such as laser therapy or chemical peeling on lighter complexioned patients with reliable, excellent results.

However, the same procedure performed in the same way could cause scarring, light spots, or dark spots on a patient with more richly pigmented skin. A well-meaning physician, without adequate understanding of skin of color, can cause more damage than the initial problem.

Our Focus

Magnolia Medical & Aesthetics San Antonio offers various procedures for the treatment of acne including:

  • Treatment across the skin of color spectrum for medical conditions such as melasma, acne, PIH, and alopecia
  • Skin conditions unique to various richly pigmented segments
  • Differences in darker skin responses to cosmeceuticals, fillers and neurotoxins
  • Expert in performing cosmetic procedures in skin of color

Before & After Photos

Skin of Color -acne before patient 1
Skin of Color -acne after patient 1
Skin of Color -acne before patient 2
Skin of Color -acne after patient 2
Skin of Color -acne before patient 3
Skin of Color -acne after patient 3
Skin of Color -acne before patient 4
Skin of Color -acne after patient 4
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