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Healthy Skincare Habits After 40

Healthy Skincare Habits After 40

It probably seemed fairly easy taking care of your skin when you were young. But with each passing year, your regular skin care routine may not suffice to keep your skin looking its best. Particularly, when you’re using outdated skin care habits and aiming for healthy skincare after 40.

At Magnolia Medical & Aesthetics in San Antonio, Texas, we offer comprehensive skincare treatments for adults. Our medical and cosmetic treatments can help protect the long-term health of your skin.

Tips For Healthy Skincare Habits After 40

We provide resources that are helpful in keeping your skin in excellent condition as you age. Here are a few tips to address healthy skincare habits after 40 that are common as you pass this age.

01. Consider Your Skin When Choosing Foods

The appearance and health of your skin is often influenced by the foods you eat. For this reason, consider incorporating more fresh produce into your daily diet and opt for healthy fats and lean proteins.

To further support your skin health, there are also supplements you can take. If you are unsure which supplements are right for you, we can recommend high quality products that complement your nutritional needs.

02. Moisturize Daily

One of the best healthy skincare habits you can integrate into your beauty routine after 40 is moisturizing. Fine lines and wrinkles are more noticeable due to age-related skin changes that causes dryness. Moisturizers that keep your skin hydrated traps water in your skin, making it more supple. A good routine is to apply moisturizers in the morning, as well as before bed.

Magnolia Medical & Aesthetics skincare specialists can recommend a daily moisturizer that also offers sun protection. And if you have acne-prone skin, we can suggest specifically formulated products that won’t clogged your pores.

03. Schedule Preventive Screenings

To lower your risk for skin damage and other complications, routine skin cancer screenings are recommended. We offer full body skin exams, which we can identify early warning signs of cancerous and precancerous conditions.

04. Don’t Smoke

Practicing healthy skincare habits after 40 is particularly important. And since the toxins in tobacco already causes dramatic changes in your skin’s appearance, you are hastening your skin’s aging. Smoking can give your skin a dull, weathered appearance, dry out your complexion, and speed up the loss of your skin’s firmness. So, if you smoke, ask our providers for resources you can use to quit for good.

05. Establish A Cleansing Routine

Remove excess oils and dirt from your face by washing it twice daily to keep your skin looking fresh. Apply a mild cleanser and warm water to your skin. Use your hands to gently spread the cleanser over your skin, then rise your face thoroughly. Afterwards, gently pad it dry with a soft, clean towel. You should avoid using harsh cleansing pads and brushes as they can damage your skin.

06. Be Proactive About Sun Protection

If you are properly protecting your skin, the sun’s ultraviolet rays can prematurely age your skin. For those who spend lots of time outdoors without sunscreen, you can develop age spots, lines, and wrinkles well before age 40. Moreover, sun damage can also increase your risk of developing skin cancer.

Given these points, be sure to use a high quality sunscreen when spending time outdoors in all seasons. And if you plan to be outdoors for extended period of time, wear protective, lightweight clothing and a wide-brimmed hat. Sunscreen doesn’t just belong on your face, but rather apply it to all parts of your skin that’s exposed to the sun. Plus, reapply frequently, particularly if you are sweating or swimming.

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