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How Many Units Of Botox Do You Need?

How Many Units Of Botox Do You Need?

How many units of Botox you will need for results varies per patient as well as it depends on the area being treated. Magnolia Medical & Aesthetics provides Botox to patients in San Antonio and surrounding communities of Bexar County.

What Is Botox?

Botox is a popular anti-aging treatment that reduces fine lines and wrinkles by relaxing facial muscles. An FDA-approved treatment, Botox can be performed in an in-office setting and is usually completed in less than an hour. In general, patients resume their normal activities immediately after procedure, and results are visible within just a few days.

Treatment Areas

Smile lines, forehead lines, and frown lines between the eyebrows are common areas of the face that can be treated with Botox. This treatment is also popular for relaxing the masseter muscle for jawline slimming and treating gummy smiles.

How Many Units Of Botox Do You Need?

There are several factors involved in determining how many units of Botox you will need. For example, the strength of your facial muscles and the desired treatment areas. However, multiple areas can be treated in a single session.

Given these points, the average range of Botox units is:

  • Crow’s Feet: 10-30 units (5 to 15 per eye)
  • Masseter: 50-60 units (25-30 per side of jaw)
  • Frown Lines: 10-25 units
  • Gummy Smile: 4-5 units (2-2.5 per side of mouth)
  • Forehead Lines: 10-30 units

Beautiful + Safe Solutions

Given that we all wish to maintain a glowing, youthful appearance, cosmetic injectables are a safe way to fill wrinkles without surgery. Injectables raise eyebrows, augment cheeks, fill in dark circles, and improve hollows that occur with aging.

At Magnolia Medical & Aesthetics, we offer a number of treatments to give volume and support back to the face. We can also target facial folds and wrinkles with injectable fillers. But keep in mind that not all fillers are appropriate for all areas.

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