Looking for the best skin care treatment to help with acne scars, uneven skin tone, and signs of aging? Microneedling is the treatment for you. At Magnolia Medical & Aesthetics, we specialize in Microneedling a non-surgical skin treatment with minimal downtime. This skin care treatment can be used to treat a host of common skin concerns including:

  Wrinkles and fine lines
  Skin texture
  Acne scars
  Dark spots and uneven skin tone
  Large pores
  Stretch marks

What is Microneedling?

The treatment involves using tiny needles to create controlled minuscule channels in the skin. These holes, sometimes called “micro channels”, allow skincare products to penetrate deeper layers of skin to deliver more powerful results.

The tiny pinpricks signals the body to repair damaged skin. The process stimulates collagen and elastin production which smooths out scars and softens lines. The dermis becomes thicker, resulting in a more even appearance.

What to Expect After Treatment

The treatment time is less than 1 hour which includes 30 minutes of numbing. Mild redness and possible swelling may occur, but only lasts up to 24-48 hours. With each treatment, we provide you with a state of the art growth factor to use at home while healing.

Depending on the area being treated and how old the scaring is, we typically recommend multiple treatments.

Before & After Photos

Microneedling - before treatment
Microneedling - after treatment

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    Summary of Microneedling

    FemiLift Procedure Time
    Procedure Time
    1 hour, includes 30 min numbing
    FemiLift No Anesthetic
    Numbing cream
    FemiLift Downtime
    No downtime, but avoid exercise & hot baths immediately after treatment
    FemiLift Results Duration
    Duration of Results
    Microneedling 10.15.18